How To Create A Stylish Man Cave

From choosing the right cushions for the couch, to finding the perfect comforter, the decor decisions made in your home are not typically a joint decision made with your significant other. If you take a walk around your house, we’d venture a guess that most of the interior design choices reflect your tastes more than they do his.

French farmhouse living room

French Farmhouse Nesting TablesFrench Farmhouse Coffee Table & French Farmhouse Storage Cabinet

Your living room could be as cozy as could possibly be; covered in soft throws, lit by flickering candles with a familiar homely scent that wafts through the room, but sometimes a ‘man cave’ might just be what a partner needs to get away and immerse himself in NFL, MBA or a fast pace action classic. So here are our top tips for turning a neglected space into his own personal spot with maximum comfort and style.

Finding Comfort

Bevel Range Living Room

Bevel Display CabinetBevel Lamp Table & Bevel Coffee Table

Nothing says relax more than somewhere to slouch and get comfortable, and that starts with your seating! As the heart of the room, it’s key to choose the right piece to sprawl out on. If he’s a movie buff, then a corner sofa is ideal for curling up on, or if he wants to channel his inner Joey and Chandler for a binge. A recliner gives a more laid-back approach. For something that reflects Dad himself, leather upholstery gets softer and better with age, so treat him to luxury with a classic piece like that.

Tidying the Tech

Quercus Tv Stand

Quercus Corner TV Stand

No man cave is complete without a big screen for sports nights or TV series binges, and what better way to show it off than with a stylish TV stand? Tidy up the games, consoles and DVDs (which no doubt will not be in their rightful cases) in the cabinets, and disguise tangled cables and leads through the holes at the back = a spot he’ll be proud to look at without the headache mess!

Alto Storage Unit

Alto Media Storage Unit

If instead, they’re all about music and his overflowing collection of CDs and vinyls are too much to try and tackle, a storage unit is a worthwhile investment. Simply store all the items neatly into the shelves for a display that he’d be proud to show off! If you really want to make the most of the space, use the top of the unit as a bar area or somewhere to hold the record player.

Doubling Up

French farmhouse coffee table

French Farmhouse Coffee Table

Whether it’s a 6 pack of beers or his pizza delivery, a convenient spot to hold all the refreshments and nibbles is absolutely essential for every armchair athlete. Right in between the sofa and TV is the perfect spot for a well-crafted coffee table, so he can simply reach out and start snacking as and when he pleases! With a few extra drawers, you can tidy up the papers and magazines, and the channel changer will finally have a home too.

The Final Touches

Manor House Coffee Table

To really add a pop of his personality to his room, complete the look with his favorite books stacked on the bookcase or carefully placed on the coffee table – they’ll make a great conversation starter with his friends. If he’s more a budding photographer, then vintage cameras and famous prints will make the spot much more inviting.

Don’t forget those extra accessories like cushions and throws to add an extra dimension to the decor but most importantly, to create total comfort.

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