Cosy Chalet Style For Your Home

Now that the temperatures have finally dropped, we’re looking forward to getting out our knitted sweaters and socks! Who else loves stringing up lights for the holidays and burning those cinnamon scented candles? Sure, summer’s great and all, but there’s nothing better than curling up in indoors with a mug of hot cocoa in November and December.

wooden chalet in the alps

Sadly we don’t all get to live somewhere like this! But just because our homes might not fit into a landscape of blue skies, crisp air and deep white snow doesn’t mean we can’t introduce a bit of chalet chic into our lives. Read on for some ways to add a touch of alpine feel to your home this winter.


wooden chalet interior

Disclaimer: don’t go taking this post literally! Obviously we’re not expecting you to run out and purchase the equivalent of a small forest in wood, then completely redecorate your home with that wood. Instead, let this serve as inspiration – lending you some ideas on how to cozy up your home (and your life!).


chalet interior with fake fur

So, first things first: what basics should you consider in order to add a little bit of chalet style to your home? Well, that can actually be summed up in one simple word: texture. All the natural textures that can help to make a home feel warm and toasty when it’s cold outside. That means wood (of course), exposed bricks (if you’re lucky enough to have them), heavy wools and faux fur. Layers the cushions and the blankets, the table cloths and the rugs. The more texture you add, the better! The cosier it will feel and the closer you’ll get to achieving that alpine style.

colourful chalet interior

The classic chalet style that we all know and love is full of neutral colors, but there is another way. Combine colors and wood for a look that’s still alpine, but a bit more fun! No less warming and comfortable but just a little less serious.

stylish modern chalet interior

And don’t worry, you don’t have to go old-school and sacrifice your modern home for this look. It can be applied beautifully to contemporary interiors. Bared pack interiors and stylish sleek lines might be your usual interior look, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on comfort and cosiness. Add texture in a structured way that won’t be at odds with its surrounding. The key is to keep shapes simple and unfussy.


faux fur on chair outdoors

You can even take this look outdoors! It might not be the easiest thing to pull this off in a damp climate, but why restrict this look to the inside only? For a truly alphine feel, make the most of any cold but crisp and clear winter days that come your way and take some of those faux furs and candles outside. You’ll feel super cozy snuggled up outside with some hot cocoa or mulled wine!

stag print cushion and interior scene

To make the look your own, accessorize with a few of the classics: heavy pottery items, wicker baskets, candles, fake fur and cushions. Cozy up your home decor with a few well placed accessories, then sit back and enjoy those long winter evenings.

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Image Credits: Decoist, Planete Deco, Claar, Tradgardsflow, Etsy

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