How to Accommodate Extra Guests In Your Home

No matter what the occasion, whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving or July the Fourth, we love any opportunity to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to indulge in a wonderful feast of food and spend time with your family and friends. If you’ve ever been the host of a celebration, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into preparing your home for guests and how important planning ahead can be.

After all, no one wants to make a last minute dash to Target or Walmart because you’re one seat short. If you’re thinking about your next gathering and are in need of some space saving ways to prepare your home for extra guests, here are a few handy ways you can provide additional seating without cluttering up your home!

Extending the invitation

hercules dining table

Hercules 6 ft Extending Dining Table

There’s nothing better than sitting round the table and having a hearty meal, catching up and sharing stories with your nearest and dearest. Unfortunately, those times you’re so fond of don’t happen too often and using your floor space for furniture that isn’t used often enough can seem like a waste.

orrick dining room with dining set and hutch

Orrick 4ft 7″ X 3ft Rustic Real Oak Extending Dining Table

Extending dining tables are the perfect way around this; folded in for everyday use and stretched when you’re ready to entertain. Our Hercules extending dining table fits seamlessly with a home full of country cottage charm or creates a beautiful focal point in your dining room.

Need somewhere to store your extra servingware or special occasion crockery? Why not get a hutch for your dining room? With open shelves you can show off your favorite items and its convenient cupboards means rearranging your dining sets for extra guests will be quick and easy!

Take a seat

If you’re short on space or know you’ll only need extra seating a couple of times a year, investing in additional chairs can be an avoidable cost. Double up with furniture that’ll conveniently act as seating where and when you need it.

kemble dining set with natural solid oak bench

Kemble Rustic Solid Oak 4ft 7” x 3ft Extending Dining Table with 6 Chairs and Original Rustic Solid Oak 4 ft 11” Bench

Sat beautifully in your entryway or creating cohesion at the foot of your bed, a bench is a versatile piece that you’ll be able to find use for in any room in your home. Pull it up beside your dining table for squeezing in guests and slide it back beside your console table when the evening’s over.

orrick blanket chest in bedroom

Orrick Rustic Solid Oak Chest

If you’re one for last-minute tidying, running around looking for a space to hide stray shoes or extra cushions, a chest will work as your saviour. It’s also perfect for storing toys in the playroom or bed linen in the bedroom, but when it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving, placing a throw and some cushions down will transform the box into bench!

orrick desk with kemble dining chair

Kemble Rustic Solid Oak And Painted And Plain Gray Fabric Dining Chair and Orrick Rustic Solid Oak Office Desk

Unloved corners, reading nooks, offices & entryway spaces are the perfect place to pop an accent chair. Not only will they be useful all year round but when you’ve got guests that pop round and you’re in need of an extra seat, you’ll be ready. For versatile accent chairs, choose a piece or style that will fit with other rooms in your home and is of a similar height to your dining table.

Nesting in the family room

Once you’ve finished feasting, the hard part is over and it’s time to relax and move on to the family room. If you know that there will be some extra snacking later in the afternoon or are lacking surfaces for guests to rest their drinks, some stackable tables might just be the thing you need.

original rustic nesting tables

Original Rustic Solid Oak Nesting Tables

Both space-saving and working as three tables worth of table top, Nesting Tables work wonders for this situation. As three separate pieces, there are no restrictions as to where you can arrange them in the room. Your guests can freely place their glasses down and sneakily steal a few extra snacks all in the comfort of their own seat!

How will you help your extra guests feel welcome in your home? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!

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