9 Ways to Transform Blank Walls in Under 9 Minutes

It’s a common problem. You may be innocently sat in your living room or at your dining room table and suddenly you notice it. That big blank wall staring at you with nothing on it. There’s something rather sad about a blank wall, isn’t there? While you certainly don’t need to fill every square inch of your home with decor (indeed, sometimes it’s nice to have somewhere to rest your eyes), a large blank space can feel a bit unfinished. It can also feel a little intimidating – what should you do with it?

If you are struggling with a blank wall in your home and you aren’t sure of the best way to fill it and make it looked a little more loved, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing nine different ideas for transforming a blank wall and you’ll be pleased to see these are all relatively quick and painless – not a gallery wall in sight! Ready to give your blank walls a little love? Read on to find out how!

One Large Piece of Art

Emily Henderson / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Let’s start with the most obvious. Art has the power to change the whole mood of a space, to add color or texture or interest to any wall. In this case, bigger is almost always better. If you have a big blank wall, you’ll need a large piece of art to command the space. If you are working to a budget, consider getting a large canvas from a hobby or craft store and trying your hand at making your own abstract piece.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging
@apartmentf15 on Instagram

Both the 1970’s and bohemian influences are strong trends at the moment so why not embrace them with a macrame wall hanging? Available in a myriad of colors and styles, consider one which speaks to your personal style. Much like art, choose one which is large enough in scale to the wall it will sit upon. Try Etsy for local crafters near you.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry Wall Hanging
Urban Outfitters

An easy fix if you are looking to create some drama, large wall tapestries may be your perfect solution to a big blank wall. Simply hang up and admire your handiwork and creativity! Check out antique fairs and estate sales for vintage styles or look to places like Urban Outfitters who have plenty of different styles for less than you will pay for a piece of art.

Leaning Wall Mirror

Leaning Wall Mirror
French Bedroom Company

Mirrors are nearly always a safe bet when it comes to just about any room. They reflect light, double the depth of a space and provide the perfect spot to check your appearance before heading out for the day. If your walls are crying out for something different, consider a large leaning mirror to give your room some life. Even better? You don’t have to worry about putting any large holes in your walls so they are easy to move to your perfect position without a lot of fuss!

Art Shelf

Art Wall Shelf
My Attic

If putting lots of holes in your walls is just not something you even want to consider, why not consider a simple art shelf instead? Use a long one across the top of a sofa or above a sideboard or bench which will allow you to freely swap out the art you share on top. It will act like a rotating gallery – perfect for those who like to try out new looks and refresh their home often!

Juju Hat

Juju Hat above sideboard
Home Polish

Another way to add lots of texture and interest to a room is with a trendy juju hat. These beautiful feather wall hangings are available in just about any color of the rainbow from bold hues to dramatic neutrals and give your room a warm, travelled look. Choose one large one as the star of the show or group a few in different colors together for a wow-factor moment in your space.

Wire Wall Grid

Wire Wall Grid
Urban Outfitters

If your home office is looking a little bare, consider a wire wall grid which will not only fill the space but provide valuable spots to pin up anything you don’t want to forget. Whether it’s inspirational photos, prints, letters or postcards you just can’t bear to throw away, you’re sure to find a spot to display it proudly here.

Garment Rack with Plants

Garment Rack with Plants
Apartment Therapy

This creative out-of-the-box idea will make any plant lover happy and doesn’t require a single hammer or nail! Slide up a garment rack along your big blank wall and then simply hang some of your favorite greenery from the top. You can then utilise the bottom shelf for baskets, books and storage. So easy and so effective, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this long ago!

Wall Hooks with Planters

Hanging Planters from Hooks Growing Spaces
Growing Spaces

And finally, a few carefully placed hooks on your stairwell can be the perfect start to a living wall! Install your chosen hooks at different levels and then hang your plants from the hooks. Super easy but a gorgeous way to fill a difficult to decorate wall.

What’s your favorite way to fill up a big blank wall? We’d love to see! Let us know in the comments or share with us by tagging@Oak_Furniture_Land_us on Instagram or tweeting us @USAOakFurniture!




Image Credits: Apartment Therapy, Emily Henderson, apartmentf15 on Instagram, Urban Outfitters, French Bedroom Company, My Attic, Home Polish, Urban Outfitters, Growing Spaces

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