5 Super Simple Steps To A Cosy Hygge Home

What do you like best about winter? If it’s a combination of walks in the country, cozy evenings indoors and the satisfying feeling of crunching old fallen leaves under your winter boots, then guess what? You’re already all about Hygge!

You’ve probably heard the word Hygge all over the internet so far this winter, and it’s quite a tricky concept to explain – let alone pronounce! (Apparently, you say it like ‘Hoo-guh’.) Hygge is a Dutch word, which doesn’t literally translate into English, but can best be described as the hard-to-name feeling of coziness and contentment that we feel when it gets cold outside. If you’ve ever spent an evening wrapped up in your favourite old blanket, drinking something warm and spicy whilst something tasty cooks in the oven, then you’ve lived the Hygge life already!

Winter can be a really depressing time, and Hygge is a great reminder that cold months really can be wonderful. As the temperature plummets and the nights get longer it’s easy to feel sad about saying goodbye to the sun, but Hygge reminds us there’s lots to celebrate about this time of the year too! Embracing Hygge in your home means making the best of what you already have and enjoying the space around you, so you don’t have to worry about completely changing your decor. Just pull on those cozy socks and light your favourite winter scented candles, because things are about to get Hygge.

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How To: Get The Hygge Look In Your Home.

Step 1: Get Organised

First things first, set aside all those old summer clothes and things that you won’t be needing til next year. Finding that you need more storage for all the summertime goodies you accumulated this year? No worries – a solid hardwood blanket chest can provide plenty of storage, as well as a touch of practical style.

As you pack away summer clothes, bring back out of hiding all the coats, blankets, scarves and hats that were packed away at the end of last winter. It’s great to remember all the things you’d forgotten you had – it’s kind of like going shopping all over again!

Be sure to hang on to all those blankets, throws and pillows – you’ll need them for step 2…

oak furniture land orrick bedroom furniture scene

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Step 2: Layered Textiles

A gorgeous array of different textiles can make a home complete. And when it comes to Hygge, the more the merrier! It’s absolutely fine to mix patterns and styles – this look is all about comfort and coziness, so the more blankets you have the better.

We’re all pretty used to keeping blankets on the bed and maybe on our couches in winter, but try thinking outside the box for this look. Neat stacks of folded blankets can be stacked around the house, helping your home to look like it’s prepped and ready for the winter. Try folding various different blankets in an array of textures and colours – a shearling black, for example, alongside a knitted navy or a faux fur white – and arranging them by the foot of your stairs, on top of a dresser or next to your nightstand.

But textiles doesn’t just mean blankets! Pillows will make your bed, armchair and couches as comfy as can be, and a good pair of curtains can be a lifesaver against winter drafts.

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Step 3: Hygge & Dine with Friends

Like most things, Hygge is best with friends and family. Spending time with the people we love most makes us feel warm, cozy and content – especially during winter, when it’s easy to spend all our time cooped up indoors. Embrace Hygge by inviting your nearest and dearest around for a delicious home cooked meal – just make sure that your dining room is prepared!

If your dining set is beginning to look a little tired after several years of use, we’ve got a great collection of real hardwood dining sets available for you to check out. They’re sure to last you throughout the winter, and hopefully for many more years beyond.


Use our guide to inspiring fall table settings to create a picture perfect dining scene.

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Step 4: A Cosy Living Room

When it gets cold outside, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch! And since Hygge is all about making the best out of what you already have, make sure you’re making the most of your living room this winter.

If you’ve been thinking of investing in a new sofa for some time now, this is the season – that way, you’ll have all of winter to enjoy it! For the perfect Scandinavian style living room, opt for clean, classic lines and textural fabrics in neutral tones.  Cozy it up with some throws and cuddly scatter pillows.

Keep the Hygge theme going in your living room by turning it into a haven of all things cozy and comforting. Stack your favourite books on the coffee table, pick up a new fluffy rug for the floor and light some scented candles to make your room smell amazing. Go one step further by picking up a few small storage boxes from your local Target, and use them for storing cozy accessories like slipper socks or sachets of your favorite hot chocolate.

Finally, frame some photos of of your loved ones and display them around your living room to make it the most Hygge room in the home.

oak furniture land florence sofa in living room

Step 5: Let In The Light

Think winter, think darkness! The lack of light can easily get you down, but Hygge is all about brightening up the home. Keep your home light and happy throughout the colder months with lots of candles, strings of lights and lamps dotted around the home. They’re the perfect way to keep your home bright and cozy this winter, and aren’t too expensive either – making them the perfect Hygge accessory!

How do you embrace the Hygge look and feel in your home? We’d love to know! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or tag us in your coziest winter snaps on Instagram with #OFLUSA.

Happy Hygge!

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