Mood-Boosting Home Decor Tips

January isn’t the most cheerful of months, is it? With the post-holiday blues, unpleasant weather, after Christmas budget crunch, and of course healthy resolutions, too, it’s no wonder there’s so much talk about the “January Blues”.

But what if your home could make you feel better?

We’ve looked into the top ways that you can create a cheerful feeling in your home, that’s guaranteed to boost your mood no matter the weather. Check out these top tips on how your home style can help to bring a smile to your face.

greenery in living room

Img: Patrick Perkins

Greenery reigns supreme

Since its introduction as Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2017, our attention has been dominated by all things green. But it isn’t just that adorable jungle print wallpaper you keep seeing on Pinterest, or those deep green velvet armchairs that keep catching your eye. The green that plants bring into a space is irresistible, and a great mood booster too!

greenery in living room corner

Img: Brina Blum

Plants help to filter the air in our homes, reduce stress, and even bolster concentration – so they’re great for a home office! And with many easy-to-care-for varieties readily available at home stores, it can be a simple and affordable way to feel better this winter. Our favorite hardy home plants include the Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant or Snake Plant.

Get on the Aromatherapy Bandwagon

Scent is a truly powerful sense. There’s nothing like the smell of just-baked cookies to remind you of days spent at your grandmother’s house, or the scent of a loved ones favorite perfume to transport you back to a specific time and place. Using the evocative nature of smell in your home is a fantastic subtle way to capture those happy memories and feelings, regardless of the season.

coffee table top with candle, mug and terrarium

Img: Mark Marquez

We like the hygge-inspired look that a bunch of scented candles helps to create in a home. The warm glow of a flickering flame seems appropriate for the winter months, and you can customize the scent of whatever room you’re in. But if pets, children, or building rules prevent you from lighting candles, essential oils are another great option to imbue your home with some aromatherapy. Pick up an oil diffuser in your favorite store or online, and check out Pinterest for some oil recipes to create exactly the feeling you want depending on the winter’s day. This “Welcome Home” blend, for example, is perfect for creating a mood-boosting feeling as you walk through the door.

Mix it up

One of our favorite tips to bring a happy atmosphere into your home is to mix up the decor you already have! Your brain can get bored and suffer fatigue when faced with the same environment every day, especially with gray, cold days are already bringing us down. So to fight that feeling, take a few moments and refresh the rooms you spend the most time in to give your home a new look and keep your mind and mood happy.

pink sofa with textured cushion and throw

Img: Taylor Hernandez

It can be as simple as swapping out the pillows and throws in your living room to a different color (we’re loving jewel tones at the moment), or changing your bedroom sheets and comforter to another style or texture. Try moving around the photos and art on your walls to totally transform the look of a room, or even bring in a new rug to add an unexpected pop of pattern.

With a few simple changes, you can transform your home into a respite from the January Blues, and help to truly turn it into your happy place.

What changes will you make to your home this season? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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