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A home office – that’s the dream, right? No need for that early alarm or the crowded commute into the city. The flexibility to work when you want and how you want. Don’t we all wish we had this?

Sadly, having a home office isn’t always as idyllic as it seems. Working in your own home can make it hard to find a balance and separate your home life from your working day. You might find yourself feeling uninspired, distracted and prioritising household chores instead of work.

If your space is feeling unloved and unproductive, here are some of our top design ideas for your home office.  Have a look through and get ready to feel inspired. We’ll help you to turn your neglected dreary office into a workspace haven of productivity!


tokyo collection desk and chair

Source: Oak Furniture Land Tokyo Collection

Detox with a minimal design
Design your office around tidiness. If a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind, then a clean and minimal layout will work for you. Think large white walls and plenty of storage to keep all of those papers off your desk. If you’re worried about the space looking cold, introduce warm honey hued furniture to liven up the space. Concerned the room will look a bit bland or need somewhere to collect your ideas? Use big pieces of art or magnetic/cork boards on the walls to help that inspiration come running back to you.

vintage style desk against exposed brick wall

Source: Amy Gizienski

Vintage design
Nothing beats a classic and timeless look. Not only are vintage-style furniture and faded photographs or prints what decor dreams are made of, but turning back time might help you feel inspired to turn off your phone, internet, TV and work away.

orrick desk and chair from oak furniture land

Source: Oak Furniture Land Orrick Collection

Light and bright
Consider putting your desk right by your window. Watch the world pass by for unexpected sparks of inspiration. The fresh air and the natural light shining through will help you feel completely re-energized and ready to get your head down and work!

victoria collection desk and chair from oak furniture land

Source: Oak Furniture Land Victoria Collection


Want a strong, bold or dramatic look? Then a masculine style space might just be what you’re after. Think dark walls, furniture and leather armchairs. Make sure your room has plenty of light to keep the space a bright office rather than a man cave. Accessorize and personalize with simple pieces that you wouldn’t think to use as decor; sports balls to show off hobbies, or a color scheme in stationery for dainty detail.


personalized desk space with photo frame and flowers

Source: Mylien_nguyen

A pop of personality
Your office is still part of your home, so put some personality into it! Don’t be afraid to frame photos, show off your favorite flowers on your desk, or even customize your laptop’s screensaver with your favorite photos for inspiration. These small changes will make your home office that much more inviting.

original rustic bookshelf

Source: Oak Furniture Land Original Rustic Collection

Embrace your inner bookworm
Having bookshelves in your office is an absolute must. Whether you fill it with your favorites or your classics from your childhood, seeing these wonderful covers and favorite collections on your shelf can help bring that creative brilliance back.

Alternatively, despite its name, bookshelves aren’t just built for books! Cute decor like vintage glass vases or quirky crockery might help you to get into that coffee shop study mindset.

candles and framed prints in study space

Source: Pexels

Feel at home
If you’re working at home, embrace it! Don’t be afraid to put in more details or accessories. Everyday items can breathe a whole new life into your office. Dot some candles around to keep the calmness; more photos for that homely feel, or motivational quotes to stop you from slacking.

country cottage dresser from oak furniture land

Source: Oak Furniture Land Country Cottage Collection

Sit back and relax
You always need to make room for an armchair. Having that little relaxation spot in the corner of your room to get away from your stress will make all the difference. Or even if you just want something as simple as a comfortable seat to sit and read. The choice is yours!

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