Healthy Home Habits to Adopt This Year

With January comes the inevitable focus on New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s improving your health, wellbeing, state of mind, or relationships, the turn of the year is the perfect time to give your life that little refresh.

But hitting the reset button doesn’t just have to apply to yourself. In fact, this annual focus on creating healthy habits, in general, is perfect for your home, too. Here are our top resolutions for healthy home habits to adopt in 2018:

Start each day fresh

We can’t all be morning people, we know, but there’s nothing quite like a freshly made bed to totally transform a room. It makes the whole space look cleaner, more organized, and extra stylish, all without actually having to do a bit of tidying. Plus, there’s nothing that tempts you to a better night’s sleep than a bed that looks irresistible.

Bevel Bedroom Furniture in Natural Oak

Resolve to take 2 minutes every morning to pull up the sheets, smooth your comforters, and plump your pillows. And while you’re thinking about your bed, don’t forget to wash your sheets once a week to help keep allergens and dirt at bay.

Keep your food prep clean

If you’re anything like us, and have resolved to eat healthier this year, you may find yourself spending more time than normal in your kitchen. Make sure to keep this most important room in your home happy and healthy with these little habits.

piles of pretty bowls and plates

Don’t let dishes pile up on your counter – wash them up as you go or load them into the dishwasher after each meal. And don’t forget to put them away once they’re dry to make the next load less difficult. Wipe down your countertops and prep surfaces with a high-quality cleaner – and read the directions on the side of the bottle. Many require a 2-5 minute “set time” for them to disinfect properly before your fully wipe off the surface.

Disinfect high-traffic areas

Want to know something gross? The average kitchen sink has more e.Coli bacteria than a standard toilet bowl! Despite all the soap it sees while washing up, it also is used every day to deal with food, dirt, and waste, and needs constant attention stay clean.

clean counters in kitchen

So with that in mind, this healthy home habit is all about making sure those high-use areas are regularly disinfected.

Think about the things you touch every day – fridge handles, your sink, the taps and light switches, and start there. Incorporate regular cleaning to help keep pesky germs at bay – a great tip for the flu season, and beyond.

Tackle that job you’ve been avoiding

We’ve all got those little home jobs we know we have to do, but really don’t want to. The turn of the New Year is the perfect excuse to start with a clean slate on those unpleasant, but necessary, tasks you’ve been putting off over the holidays.

clean, minimalist bathroom

Make a list of those jobs you hate – from cleaning the bathroom grout, to going through your old freezer food, cleaning out your junk drawer to dusting and beyond – and select the worst offender. Put aside an afternoon for the task, and bathe in the sense of accomplishment when it’s finished! Working through your list a little bit at a time can help stop these unpleasant jobs from getting totally out of hand, making for a healthier and happier 2018!

Bonus: Boost your home budget

centrepiece on coffee table in living room

We know you’re out there – those magical people who already have their healthy home habits down to an art form. For extra credit this year, why not add an extra home maintenance line to your household budget? By setting aside a little bit each week can help create an extra buffer for life’s little surprises. No one plans to have their boiler break, but by creating that extra slush fund, when it does happen, you can be prepared!

What other healthy home habits do you practice? Let us know on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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