Hardwood Furniture Materials Explained

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It may not come as a complete surprise to learn that at Oak Furniture Land we’re pretty big on hardwood furniture. We’re so big on it, in fact, that we’ve taken our passion one step further and turned it into our business! If that doesn’t show dedication, we don’t know what does.

You may be wondering what it is about hardwood specifically that has got us waxing lyrical. Read on to learn more about what exactly it is that makes hardwood our number one choice for the home.

What is hardwood?

The term ‘hardwood’ can be a little misleading, as it doesn’t necessarily equate to the physical hardness of the wood. Here we’re thinking more in terms of the way that the tree grows and its physical structure, as this affects the properties it has and how you can use the wood.

The difference comes down to the way that they reproduce seeds. A hardwood tree produces seeds which are encased, like a fruit or a shell, whereas softwood seeds do not have this covering. For instance, a hardwood tree such as an oak reproduces it’s seed inside an acorn, whereas a pine tree drops pine cones.

Hardwood trees generally take longer to grow, so they tend to be denser. It is these dense fibres which give hardwood the durability that is particularly good for furniture, as the wood is less likely to be marked and typically lasts longer.

a forest of trees

What materials do you use?

While it may be oak that takes prominence in our name, we’re not completely biased –  you’ll see that mango wood makes an appearance in many of our products too!

You can see from any of our mango wood furniture that the grain has a natural colour gradient that is really stunning when finished with a simple coating of wax – we love our Mantis Light collection for this look. As mango trees are grown primarily for (yep, you guessed it) their fruit, any wood taken from it is a sustainable by-product.

By using different types of hardwood, each hand picked especially because of their unique beauty and ability to withstand everyday living, we can champion their natural differences without having to compromise on quality.

This really sums up the heart of what we do – we want our furniture to not only look fabulous in your home, but to stand the test of time.

manor house range

Why is oak so special?

So you may be thinking, “Okay, I’m sold on why hardwood is the best material for my furniture, but what is it about oak that’s so special?”

The truth is, we’re not the first to have recognized that oak is up there with the greats. Oak has long been used for constructions where resilience is key, and it has a long history as an emblem of strength and fortitude across the world. Oak was actually made the official National Tree of the USA in 2004!

The reason that oak stands up so well when used for furniture is that it has the strength to resist all the normal wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Plus, it’s easy to care for, so you won’t be spending hours and hours on the upkeep when you’d rather be putting your furniture to good use. We know how hard it can be to find furniture that can be used time and time again, which is why ours are made entirely from hardwood – we aren’t here to cut corners!

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Why is hardwood furniture such a smart investment?

We’ve all done it – gone for the cheaper option to stay within a budget only to find that you end up paying double when it inevitably falls apart and you need to replace it. That’s why we remain committed to providing high-quality furniture that won’t break the bank.

Materials like laminate and veneer dominate the budget-friendly market currently, but the issue with these is that neither are built to last. When they do become damaged, there is nothing you can do to fix them. These kinds of pieces are often seen as the “child-proof” option, but the reality is they are much more susceptible to chip and warp beyond repair. We get it – you don’t want to shell out on a piece of bedroom furniture only for it to be ruined, but if hardwood was used to successfully sail the Vikings in the 9th century we’d place our bet on Child vs. Hardwood over Child vs. Veneer any day!

It’s not just the processed materials that can let you down in the long run, but cheaper woods that may seem like a better option at first too. For instance, inferior woods are much more prone to moisture retention, causing the wood to swell and become stuck. Not an ideal situation when all your favorite outfits are trapped inside your armoire because you can’t open the doors!

There are so many things that you need to consider when you’re furnishing a home, but if you opt for a higher quality piece you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches in the future! We aim to make furniture shopping stress-free, because you can rest assured that every one of our pieces is 100% hardwood – leaving you to think about the more important things.

Besides, it’s not just the durability that you compromise, but the appearance as well. A piece of hardwood furniture isn’t simply a fad, subject to the whims of fashion, but an investment. Your taste in novels may change, the colours of yours walls, but your gorgeous Victoria Bookcase will be timeless. Our pieces are in it for the long run. After all, there’s a reason that hardwood is still so desirable!

manor house bedroom furniture

Whether you’re in the market for a showstopper piece or an everyday storage solution, invest in some hardwood furniture. When it comes to style meets substance, you won’t be disappointed!

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