Halloween For Grown Ups: How To Create Spooky & Stylish Home Decor

The witching hour is nearly here! All hallows eve will soon be upon us and we’re ready to start decorating our home for a feast of trick or treaters. Here at Oak Furniture Land, we’re not afraid of a bit of kitsch and over the top home décor. It’s what the holidays are all about after all. If you can’t be a big kid at Halloween, when can you?

But if you prefer to keep things stylish and sophisticated with your décor, Halloween can be a tricky time. Filling your lovely home with scary spiders and gaudy orange and black decorations can look a bit childish – but why should you miss out on all the fun? So if you’re hosting a Halloween party for grown-ups this year, or if you’re just looking for a sophisticated alternative to the usual décor, we’ve put together our guide to a stylish spooky home.

6 pumpkins of varying sizes and colours


One of our fowl-est ideas is inspired by the master of suspense. Immortalised in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror film, The Birds, there’s something very eerie about crows. Evoke their creepy cries in your home with small fake crows, which can be picked up for less than $10 on Amazon. Grab a couple of different kinds and display them in unexpected places: the top shelf of your bookcase; perched on the edge of a dining chair; across the headboard of your bed.

Owls have also long been associated with Halloween, with their wide staring eyes and preference to hunt at night – so keep your eyes peeled for any owl accessories in dark colors.
Obviously, the real winged star of Halloween has always been the webbed wing creatures of the night, bats! Grab some packs of small felt bat shapes and, using a paint friendly adhesive, stick them (carefully!) in interesting patterns along your walls or around the edges of your windows.

Paired with a simple creepy cloth decoration of black netting (purchase from Amazon or see if your local fabric shop has any cast offs), birds and bats are a stylish and subtle addition to your spooky décor.

Halloween Table Setting


If you’d rather not disrupt your interior design, but want an easy way of welcoming trick or treaters and making your home appear festive, then a wreath is your new best friend! They’re normally only found at Christmas, but we love giving them a spooky twist at this time of year.

You can go in a few different directions with your Halloween wreath, depending on your preference. You could keep things in the spirit of Fall with a collection of red and orange foliage around a twisted wooden wreath, get seriously spooky with black and white baubles, skull decorations and cobwebs, or embrace minimalist chic with a simple collection of orange and black ribbons wrapped around a basic wreath frame.

Target have a great range of Halloween wreaths available, or  get crafty this October by making your own!

autumnal halloween wreath


One of the easiest ways to avoid your Halloween décor looking childish is by sticking to a consistent color scheme. The obvious choice for Halloween is orange and black – which, if you go for predominantly black base colors with subtle accents, can look sophisticated as well as festive.

But, if you’re looking to mix it up, pairing dark tones of midnight blue alongside orange is a gorgeous twist on the classic. Some other color pairings to consider are black and purple – classic witchy colors! – or, of course, black and white. You’ll find an abundance of black and white accessories in the shops at this time of year, and they shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate within your existing home décor. A simple and sophisticated way to get the monochrome look in your Halloween home is to use a simple white tablecloth overlaid with glossy black accessories, such as this dinnerware set. Scatter a handful of plastic spiders and creepy cobwebs around the table and your look is complete!

halloween autumnal table setting


One of our favourite grown up takes on the Halloween trend is to turn your home into an old school apothecary. Distressed old medicine bottles, ancient skulls, dusty books with mysterious titles… We’ve got shivers down our spine already! A few subtle accessories and DIY hacks will transform your living or dining room into a creepy laboratory with just a few simple steps.

  • Head to your local fabric store and see if they have any leftover cuts of cheesecloth, burlap and netting. These inexpensive and lightweight fabrics can then be scattered over surfaces in your home – hang them from curtain poles or use them as tablecloths to evoke ancient mummies and scarecrows.
  • Visit a local thrift store and stock up on old glassware. Bottles, mason jars, bowls – the dustier the better! Anything that looks like it belongs in an old potion store is perfect. Print out some vintage apothecary bottle labels and stick them on, then cluster your creepy bottles around the house. And, whilst you’re at the thrift store, see if you can find any old leather bounds books on mysterious topics. These will look great stacked around your home.
  • Hit the Halloween aisle! Rather than gaudy pumpkins and brightly colored accessories, stock up on vintage looking skulls, small plastic spiders and anything that will give your home that haunted-house vibe. Combine all of your new purchases together, light a few candles, turn down the lights and wait for the witching hour to approach…

Hutches are the perfect place to recreate the look of an old apothecary or curiosity cabinet. Make sure to browse our wide range of hutches here. They’re spellbinding!

apothecary jars


The bright and blocky colors that we see a lot around Halloween can make it seem garish – all those vivid oranges, bold purples and sickly zombie-greens. But you don’t have to say goodbye to color completely for a sophisticated and spooky Halloween home. Instead, give your décor the grown-up touch by embracing all things metallic.

Metallic accessories are bang on trend, and it’s easier to find metallic Halloween accessories than you’d think.  This black and gold stylish studded pumpkin wouldn’t look out of place on the Alexander MxQueen catwalk, whilst this midnight blue pumpkin decorated with gold lace is almost too pretty for just Halloween alone!

We also adore this Metallic Skull from Z Gallerie – serious style for less than $30. Pare it with the accompanying metallic skeleton hand for a Halloween centrepiece that will keep your guests talking – or maybe use the hand to hand out candy to trick or treaters? You’re sure to scare some little ghosts and ghouls away!

metallic glass pumpkin on table with candles

So what do you think? Will you recreate a vintage apothecary in your living room or dedicate the weekend to crafting your perfect Halloween wreath? However you decide to decorate – whether it’s stylish and sophisticated or festive and fun – we’d love to see your pictures. Send us your spookiest Halloween snaps on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we’ll be sure to share our favourites.

Need more Halloween inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest board here.

Wishing you a horrifying happy Halloween!

Image Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/carodeanroaddesigns/15404462773/in/album-72157649701837216/, Mademoiselle Poirot, Finding Home, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr

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