Decorating Ideas For Dark Wood Floors – 7 Styles To Try

Have you ever seen the latest trend and wanted to completely redo your home? You’re not alone. Refreshing with a splash of paint or mixing in new accessories is an easy way to integrate new styles into your home. However, certain elements like flooring can be a much bigger task so often it’s easier to get it right first time or embrace what’s already in a room. Often one of the hardest floorings to pair with particular styles is dark wood floors. Luckily, we’ve got top tips for getting the balance right and making the most of your flooring.

Contrast with White Furniture

dark floors with white furniture

One of the simplest ways to balance a dark atmosphere out is to combine the look with light and bright furniture and decor. White rugs and chairs against pastel walls lift the room and averts the eyes from any overpowering shades of darkness.

Contrast with Bright White Walls

the beetle shack family home project

Perhaps you’ve already got dark furniture and need other ways to brighten up the room? Painting your walls bright white and accessorizing your dark furniture with white creates a seamless blend between the furniture and the floor. The low platform bed gives the room a floating structure and the completely blank walls brings a touch of boho style.

Just a Little Lighter

mantis light living room

Our Mantis Light collection works wonders with dark wood flooring. Mixing different shades of wood creates a welcoming warmth to the room, and the lightness of the furniture adds that balance between the walls and floor.

Depending on the richness of stain on your floors, you may want to style with paler wood furniture. This’ll keep the room looking cohesive, rather than chaotic.

Big, bold and beautiful rugs

san francisco hallway with dark floors and white walls

Break up long stretches of dark wood in your entry way with texture. Choose a bold and beautiful rug that fits perfectly within the dimensions of the floor space and harmonize the floor and walls by adding photo frames, prints or hanging accessories that complement the colors of the rug. From the floor, the eye will instantly meet what’s on the wall, and create an inviting view in a small space.

Subtle Transitional Shades

san francisco kitchen with dark floors and white walls

Soften the transition between dark floors and white walls with mid-way color on your cabinets or furniture. A medium gray or gray blue tone can help to soften the contrast. Simply select a neutral paint color that’s slightly lighter and shares undertones with the dark wood flooring, and go a few shades even lighter for color above the chair rail.

Contrast with Pale and Interesting

original rustic living room

If you’re still craving that light, crisp looking space, try styling your room with medium wood stained furniture. Our Original Rustic collection pairs perfectly with pale furnishings accessorized with pastel pieces.

Lift the room further with a color-complementing rug and matching wall paint to bring the look together.

Embrace the Dark

dark floors with emerald green walls

Or if you like trying what’s on trend, try dark cocooning interiors in your home. Go unconventional and create a cozy look with dark wall colors, dark furniture and the occasional pop of white. Shades like deep indigo, emerald, charcoal gray add a totally dramatic feel to the room and particularly make metallic accessories like gold or copper shine. The intimate feel of the room provides you with the ultimate relaxation space throughout your entire home.

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Image Credits: Oak Furniture Land

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