How To Create a Back To School Homework Space

Hands up if hearing a school bell ring instantly transports you to your elementary school days?  Us too! We all know how important our child’s homework is, but who doesn’t remember that feeling of total horror when you got home from school, ready to play, only to be forced back at the desk to finish your assignments?

We completely understand. Homework probably isn’t at the top of your kids wish list when they get home, but how do you keep the momentum going when the school day ends so that they stay engaged and wanting to learn?

The sound of the TV in the background, family conversations at the kitchen table, or friends beckoning to go out, can cause way too many distractions for your child to study in. Here are some of our top design ideas to help you create a fun and inspiring homework space that’ll build healthy homework habits to help them stay on top of their academics.

Pick the right area

alto desk from oak furniture land

Alto Collection

Have you got awkward alcove space in your home? It’s a blessing in disguise! Utilize this extra floor space as much as you can by fitting your child’s desk in the alcove. Having a handy blank wall in front of the desk means you can decorate to your heart’s content. Hang up decor for unexpected strikes of inspiration or keep it blank for a clear headspace.

If you still struggle for space, try fitting a foldaway desk in the alcove. It’ll neatly tuck away when your kids want to play, or conveniently fold out when it’s time to work.

country cottage desk by natural light

Country Cottage Collection

Picking the right place for your child’s desk is also crucial in helping their concentration. Nothing beats natural light, and positioning the desk by the window can boost your child’s mood, increase energy levels and in turn, increase their motivation. The natural light that floods in will illuminate your child’s work and make studying feel less like a snooze and more enjoyable.

Make it well lit

hanging lamp

Don’t underestimate the power of what good lighting can do to your productivity. If your dedicated back to school space isn’t near natural light, it’s essential to have a good light source available for those darker days or to help create a cozy workspace. A desk lamp is always a good go-to solution, or get a bit more creative with wall lights and fairy lights for extra interest and light.

Use the walls

People often forget how useful your walls can be in making a space that’s much more inviting, so work upwards and make the most of what you’ve got. Use your walls to put up bookshelves to hold your child’s textbooks, recreational books, or to simply use as extra storage.

Credit: @HikuDesigns

Hanging up a pinboard or a wall grid above their desk, displaying their favorite photographs or prints can help encourage that creative flow. Get them organized by hanging up little notes, calendars or a school timetable on the wall to act as a daily reminder – you’ll never have to drop their gym kits off to them again!

Make it personal

orrick desk paired with kemble chair for study

Country Cottage Collection

For your child to feel motivated to work, they need a comfortable environment that they’re happy to be in. Whether it’s plants, their favorite throw on a chair, any kind of desk accessory; let them have the freedom to decorate with their own personal touches and add a little bit more fun to what’s normally a dreaded space!

Color schemes

Credit: @Adoro Decorar

A well-chosen color scheme for the homework space can bring some cohesion to your home and help their organized clutter. It could also help boost your child’s concentration levels. A simplistic, monochrome theme can stop distractions and help improve their focus. Bold colors like red or green creates an energetic environment, which, if they’re likely to doze off, will help bring liveliness to a boring task.

Keep it organized


Combining clutter and homework is a recipe for disaster. No one can focus in a messy space. Stylish storage solutions are a must for you to put unused items away. Storage cabinets or a chest will help keep different homework projects organized and make archived assignment sheets easy to find when it’s back to studying for tests!

Lounge space

Credit: @✏️|Arquiteta Jéssica Lima

The workspace doesn’t have to be the worst place! If you’ve got your child’s homework area in a home office or separate study room, consider adding a corner of comfort or a space for relaxation; an armchair or recliner for reading or listening to music, or just a seat for two so you can assist your child when they’re struggling.

With the new school year approaching, how will you decorate your child’s homework space? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!

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