Alternative Furniture For Your Dining Room

A dining table, seat, a towering hutch and maybe (if you’ve treated yourself) a sideboard; these are the main components that make up a beloved dining room. But perhaps you love being the host with the most and want to make a statement at your dinner parties? Or you just dare to do something a bit different? Read on to find out our 5 ways you can use other pieces of furniture and still create a cohesive look and bring a personal style!

kemble dining set with solid oak bench

Kemble Rustic Solid Oak Painted Collection and Natural Solid Oak 4ft 11In Bench

For versatility or squeezing into a small space, a bench is the perfect alternative to your usual seating. If you’re a frequent host of your large family, there’s no set restrictions to how many people can fit onto your bench. Or if you prefer a more casual look and atmosphere to your Saturday evening dinner parties, our Natural Solid Oak Bench works perfectly for a buffet style dining setting.

Without even realizing, you’ve probably got multipurpose furniture in your home already. That’s the hard work over and done with! Nesting tables, or a blanket box can be brought down from your bedroom and into your dining room to be used as extra seating to fit your unique look. For more tips on accommodating extra guests, check out our blog.

orrick console table

Orrick Rustic Solid Oak Console Table

The perfect addition to any party is a beautifully styled bar cart placed against your wall. Ideal for displaying gorgeous glasses, or that bottle of vino you bought abroad, you could use a console table to tidy up your drinks collection and create a stylish first impression for your dining room.

french farmhouse display cabinet

French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Display Cabinet

Not just for sharing your proud achievements or your favorite home decor pieces, a display cabinet in your dining room can be ideal for storing and showing off some stunning crockery. Decorate each shelf in a certain way to add a sense of tidiness and cohesion to your style, or mix and match your plates and your pasta bowls to achieve that quirky, boho trend.

orrick dresser lingerie drawer

Orrick Rustic Solid Oak Tall 5-Drawer Dresser/Lingerie Chest

If you need furniture to store your occasion cutlery, novelty napkins, tablecloths on rotation or seat cushions for extra comfort, a dresser is ideal for your dining room. Although these gems of your home are hidden in the different drawers, use the top of the dresser to display gorgeous greenery, or a vintage clock to see time fly by when you’re hosting.

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