8 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

Darkness is creeping up on us and the days are getting shorter… and for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the sunny south, winter can begin to feel like one long, dreary waiting room before summer comes round again.

But even if your home isn’t blessed with lots of natural light, there are lots ways that you can brighten up your living room and banish those winter blues.

Don’t let the dark bring you down! When the sun is no longer on your side and you feel like you’re living and working in darkness, check out our 8 different ways to light up your home.

Keep the curtains open

Making it lovely living room

When winter arrives and all that’s on your mind is curling up on the sofa with the fire flickering and Netflix on in the background, resist the urge to keep the curtains closed. Your first thought may be about conserving heat, but when the hours of daylight are decreasing you’ll need as much vitamin D as possible! When hanging curtains, make sure that they are hung high and wide so you’re exposing as much of the window as possible when they’re open.

Invest in a dimmer switch

light living room with gold light fixture

As the nights draw in, the first thing we’ll do upon entering a room is switch the main light on. While this is usually the biggest source of light in the room, counterintuitively you don’t actually need it to be on full blast to give the impression of more light. By using a dimmer switch with your main light fixture, you can avoid the blindingly bright ‘interrogation room’ feel which makes a room feel cold. Instead, by using pretty lamps and candles to light up your space, you can create a snug atmosphere that gives you warm fuzzies, even though you know the outside will give you goosebumps.

By the light of the candle

Vosgesparis dark apartment 2

Nothing shouts coziness from the cold more than a flickering light of a candle. When it’s dark outside and you’re feeling drab, dotting a few candles around your living room is a great way to uplift your frame of mind. There’s something about the warming yellow glow and soft shadows created by candlelight that makes a perfect alternative to electric lights. Brighten your mood and your room!

Huddle around the fireplace

fire place

If you want to go one step further from candles, why not light a fire? The smell, the warmth, the crackling sounds… if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace you can create a very special winter wonderland right at home. Dim the rest of your lighting to allow the warm light radiating from the fireplace to steal the show – you could even invest in a deep pile rug to set in front of it (for pets and humans alike!).

Wall lights


Do you have some dark corners in your living room that never seem to catch the light? A wall light is a great way to add some extra illumination. Plus, there are so many different wall sconces available that they become not just a way to add light, but a style piece in their own right!

Standing floor lamps


Find yourself squinting over your favorite interior design magazine now that the evenings are longer? Us too. So fellow readers, rejoice! A standing floor lamp is exactly what you need. The great thing about these is that you can move them around to fit the purpose. Do different parts of your room fall into the shade at certain times of the day? Switch the position of the lamp to keep everything well-lit!

Invest in some table lights


Another lighting solution that is great for flexibility? The humble table lamp. Perching a couple of these around your living room, on end tables or bookcases, is a fabulous way to subtly illuminate your room. They’re a perfect addition that’ll suit all styles. Try mixing different lamps to create a quirky, eclectic vibe, or keep them the same for a minimal and modern look.

Sparkle with string lights

living room with fairy lights

String lights – they’re not just for Christmas! While often confined to the decorating box until December, don’t underestimate their potential for elegance. Add some sparkle to your day with dainty strings of lights draped around your room, or even nestled in a large Mason jar to create a DIY table lamp. Plus, with many different styles available – from energy saving LED’s to fun floral or other shaped lights, you can find the perfect look for your own personal style.

There you have it – 8 different ways to bring light into darker days! Do you have a favorite method to brighten up your living room? Make sure you send us your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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