8 Reasons Why We’re Thankful This Year

Thanksgiving is upon us again. A time of year to get-together with the people you love and host a feast of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. But with the inevitable stress of hosting, prepping or travelling to see family, we can sometimes overlook the meaning of this holiday.

So we’d like to take it back to basics. Put the yams to one side and focus with us on the true spirit of the holiday, and why being thankful is good for the soul.

It’s good for you!

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Healthy mind, healthy heart

Giving thanks for all the good things in your life isn’t just about making yourself feel better emotionally – it can have a physical improvement on your health as well. Studies have found that people who express higher levels of gratitude in their life also experience better sleep, mood and physical wellbeing, all of which can worsen the causes of heart failure. So, what’s to lose?!

Sleep easy

Ever experienced a restless night’s sleep because your mind is going round and round with the day’s worries? We all know the negative impact that a sleepless night can have on our mood and productivity, but the simple act of giving thanks can be enough to ease a weary mind. Try writing down all the things that you are grateful for in the day that has just gone by, or keep a memory jar so you can remember all the little things you’re thankful for at the end of the year.

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Don’t worry, be happy

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but gratitude and happiness go hand in hand. Cortisol, one of the hormones that causes stress, was found to be 23% lower in people who claimed to be more grateful. The dark and dreary winter months can bring even the most cheerful of us down, but taking the time to give thanks for those around you this holiday is a surefire way to brighten your day and relieve some tension.

Improve relationships

If you can feel the benefits of thankfulness in your own physical and spiritual state, you can be sure that this calm and content disposition will be realized by those around you too. A willingness to be grateful and open correlates with a positive attitude that’s perfect for strengthening bonds with those you love. Plus, thankfulness isn’t just a way to improve your own emotional happiness – gratitude to others will just keep passing that warm glow of thanks around!

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Things we’re thankful for…


Family is much more than just who you share some DNA with. We’re grateful for both the family who brought us us and our friends – the family that we choose. What’s going to bring you more joy than seeing all of your loved ones sat around the dining table on this special day?

Our planet

Wherever you live, there are so many things to be grateful for. Our world is a marvel, but it can be so hard to really look at the beautiful things around us when you are preoccupied by the daily grind. Step outside and breathe, taking a moment to enjoy the scenery and your place in this world.

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Sometimes there can be so many opportunities open to us that it can even get a little overwhelming (and we’re not just talking about how many new series there are to binge watch on Netflix)! Instead of being overcome with all the ways we can improve and learn, be it mastering a new craft or beginning a new yoga class, let’s be thankful for all these chances we have at the palm of our hands.


We’ve all had days where time just seems to get the better of us! But this Thanksgiving it’s all about seeing that growth and the passage of time as something to be grateful for! Bad days may come and go, but there is always something to give thanks for. Looking back at how far we’ve come since last Thanksgiving is an amazing way to see this growth in action.

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From everyone at Oak Furniture Land, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are.

We’d love to know how you’ll be celebrating this year. Share your messages or pictures with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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