7 Top Home Office Design Ideas

Ah, the home office. It can often be one of the most-used rooms in your home (or spaces in a room!), but too often, the design of the home office is pushed to the wayside. Thinking about the amount of time your family may spend at the desk –  for the kid’s homework, or pushing forward your side hustle; if it’s for handling bills or casual internet browsing; whether it’s your permanent office or the ideal place to work from home – creating an office you like to spend time in helps the workday pass quicker.

We rounded up some of our favorite home offices from around Instagram to help inspire you to make some little design upgrades to your office today. After all, we spend most of our lives working, so we might as well make it fun, right?

A Touch of Greenery

Credit: @🌴 Warsaw Jungle 🌴

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that plants make people happier. They help to purify the air around us, and they provide a calming atmosphere in any space. In the home office in particular, they help to balance out the amount of technology in the room with a natural element, and they give something pleasant for your eyes to rest on. This office pairs office plants with a botanical printed filing cabinet and a green velvet chair for an outdoor-inspired look that is also clean and productive.

Bring in the Home Comforts

Credit: @KELLY 🌿

One of the benefits of working from home is the fact that you aren’t restricted by boring cubicle design. Another is the fact that you are home. Allow home comforts, such as a favorite pillow, a piece of art you love, or a cozy rug to warm up the space. We love the way this room seamlessly blends work staples such as an office chair, printer, and storage, with homey touches that make it a room we wouldn’t mind spending time in.

Take a Walk on the Bright Side

Credit: @The Lifestyle Insider

There’s nothing like pastel brights to put an extra spring in your step, and that little boost of energy is perfect for an office space. The upbeat nature of this room lends that extra productivity push. But the fun nature doesn’t sacrifice the practicality of it wither. The handy wall cabinet and magazine files make it both a charming and useful room.

Capture the Vacation Vibe

Credit: @Domain Australia

This room boldly goes where no office has gone before. It’s a great way of bringing together pieces that evoke a feeling of adventure, something to hold on to on even the toughest of workdays. The shelves provide excellent storage and display space, while the travel-inspired details give an element of style. Plus, they’re the perfect reminder of the rewards of adventures you can get at the end of the working day…

Embrace the Drama

Credit: @Raegan Ford Interior Design

The bold accent wall (and built-in storage system!) are what sets this home office apart from the rest. By incorporating dramatic elements and colors into the room, the design creates an authoritative and impressive feeling, perfect for those days when you need to feel #likeaboss. By having both exposed and hidden storage, this office keeps a clean, streamlined look we love.

Monochrome and minimal

Credit: @TheStylishNook

We love the simplicity of this office space, it’s like a breath of fresh air! By sticking to a monochrome palette, punctuated with geometric touches and pop of greenery (we told you plants were great office additions!), photographer Martina Gemmola created the perfect space to buckle down and focus. By stripping everything else back, the work you do can take center stage.

Take Advantage of Your Homes’ Nooks and Crannies

Credit: @Gender Gap Gone

We can’t all have a dedicated room set aside for a separate office, and we love how this corner is kitted out as an extra workspace. From the low purse hook to the wicker storage basket, it’s the perfect example of fitting a lot into a small space. The large-scale wall art helps to define the space, and task lighting adds the finishing touch!

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