5 Storage Solutions for Kids Toys

What do rogue puzzle pieces, dress-up outfits, scattered books, and those awful scattered Lego pieces that you happen to step on have in common? If your families are anything like ours, that would be because they’re all common sights in houses where kids live! If you’re no stranger to the above scene, you’ll know how important storage for your kids’ toys is!

Finding something that’s smart, stylish, practical and easily accessible for your children is a tricky task, especially when you’ve got a huge selection of options to choose from. We’ve got a few ideas for you to try that’ll help organize the clutter and keep the mess to a minimum.

#1 Cube Nesting Tables

mantis light cube nest of tables

For something a little fun and practical, try using cube nesting tables. They’re super simple to slide out and put away again, keeping the floor space clear and clutter-free. Plus, they’re ideal as drawing stations for the mini Monet in them! Using baskets to organize the cubes will help keep the toys organized, and separated if you find your kids fighting over whose Dinosaur Train  crayons are whose. If you choose the perfect ones for your nesting tables, not only can they be great decor, but they’re ideal for encouraging your children to tidy up after themselves too.

#2 Keep it Simple

Form Kids Playroom Storage - Featuring Form Konnect 1x1 cubes Form Floating Shelves and Form Photo Shelves - White

They say that kids grow up so fast, and the same can be said for your storage too. It won’t be long before those storage solutions are filled to the brim with Christmas and birthday gifts collected from years gone by. Keeping it simple means that getting rid of the old and making way for the new is one less thing to worry about.

#3 This time, it’s personal


Personalized items will encourage your kids to take out and put away their toys in this stylish storage. Propped up by the couch in your living room or placed in the corner of your playroom, labels will persuade them to keep their belongings safe and sound (and out of your way!) until their next play time.

#4 Pretty and Practical

kids toy storage

Get rid of the boring and bring a bit of life into your children’s room with storage that’s both pretty and practical. It doesn’t have to all be plastic boxes or wicker baskets. Consider hanging up some playful shelves or decorating your dresser with stickers of your kids’ favorite cartoon characters, and hide the dull storage underneath the bed instead.

#5 Growing Up


Tweens or teens, storage is something your children will always need, no matter what age they are. It may not be half-built Lego or plastic animal figures, but as soon as they start discovering their hobbies and interests, whether it’s arts and crafts or sports, they’ll need plenty of space to store the belongings they’ll create memories with.

Whichever storage option you choose for your home, we’ve got plenty over on our website. Let us know what you’ll be using to store your kids’ toys on our Facebook or Instagram page or show us using #oakfurnitureland

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