15 Ways to Get Your Home Fall Ready

October’s in full swing and the season’s starting to show its true colors. The trees are showing off their vibrant reds, yellows and oranges and our porches are lined with pumpkins in various shades. Fall’s officially here and as much as we want to deny that the shorter days and colder temperatures are creeping up on us, it’s time to turn up the heat and curl up and get cozy on the couch.

Read on to find out our top tips to embrace those long evenings, start looking forward to the early nights, and get your home fall ready!

autumn hallway

  • Fall is the perfect excuse to bring back textures and soft linen. It’s time to embrace throws and cushions aplenty! Accessorize your couch with pieces in emerald, deep purples or dark reds for fall ready hues and keep clutter at bay with stylish storage solutions.
  • Swap out lightweight fabrics for heavier material to help keep the warmth in your home. Lightweight linen curtains can be replaced with winter wool or a sumptuous velvet and now’s the time to dig out those comforters and start layering your bedding.
  • Add to the ambience with an array of candles and candle holders. The dim, flickering lights and extra heat contributes to the cozy feel of the room, and with so many scents to choose from, you’ll always find one that’s perfect for you

Copper Geometric Tea Light Holder

  • Something as small as changing your lighting can make a huge difference. Replace your current bulbs for something a little more subtle and soft so you can feel totally relaxed in the evenings.
  • Experiment with some on trend fall colors like pale pinks or dark teals. Check out Pantone’s Fall Color Report for some inspiration.
  • Mix and match darker colors with your favorite copper, brass or gold accessories. It will add a subtle reflection light to the room and add a sense of warmth and coziness to your color scheme.

Arlequin Hide - Black and Gold

  • Breathe life back into your space and refresh your home by rearranging the layout of your furniture, or add some new additions to your room. Our Shay collection has a beautiful almond gray paint finish which fits perfectly in a rustic home.
  • Give your coffee table a revamp and create an eye-catching display with a cozy seating area that looks creative and inviting.

coffee table

  • Spruce up your coffee table with a display that’ll wow guests with your creativity. Our tips for making a beautiful tablescape this fall can help you create the perfect focal point.
  • Give your home a fresh and romantic feel with beautiful winter florals.
  • Get that scandi chalet look with classic fall patterns; tweed, checks and plaid are always worth paying the price for. A timeless and traditional look, it’s one you can use for years to come.

Farrow and ball parquet

  • Whether you want to play around with patterns or go crazy with colors, try out on-trend wallpapers to add a whole new dimension to the room.
  • Warm up your flooring with a soft rug or sheepskin pelt. The transformed look can make your home feel revitalised and ready for fall.


  • Don’t neglect the kitchen this season! This room is often forgotten about, but a new collection of mugs or bowls can help add pops of color and create that fall feeling.
  • Wrap yourself up after a warm shower or soothing bath in new fall-colored fluffy towels. Accessorizing the bathroom with copper plant pots will complement the soft linen perfectly.

How will you refresh your home for the colder months this season? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!

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