7 Ways to Style Your Bedroom

Having the bedroom of your dreams is so important. It’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes, and the last thing you see as the day finishes. The flow of movement in the furniture, the accessories and personal touches, seeing all the decor you have so carefully chosen before you hit the hay is an absolute delight and can help enhance that relaxing feeling.

Sometimes it can feel like your perfect bedroom, the one you spot in your favorite decor magazine or website, is impossible to recreate. Regardless of your experience or decorating expertise, there’s no reason why you can’t have a beautifully styled bedroom too! No matter what interior design trends you’re following, here are our top styling tips that will make your room look so elegantly put together, you’ll want to spend all your time there!

Start With the Bed

styled bed with throw cushion

As the focal point of the room, the bed draws the attention of the eyes as soon as you enter, so it deserves to be shown off. Encourage yourself to get comfortable and rest with layers of linen and soft textures. Prop up your back on your bed when you get lost in your book with 2 housewife pillowcases and 2 standard pillowcases. For extra warmth and style, pair a decorative cushion with a matching throw. The matching patterns or colors of these accessories will make the space much more inviting.

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Next: Nightstands

bedside table styling

Not only do nightstands have plenty of storage to tidy away books, jewelry, lotions and potions, but they provide the perfect surface to show off some of your favorite home accessories. Light up a lamp beside you, bring natural textures in with terrariums, a vase of flowers, or hang some beautiful prints above the piece. It’s the ideal opportunity to decorate, so why not take it?


Styling a chest of drawers

Having a dresser in your bedroom creates the ultimate area to help you get ready for the day. Spritz yourself with your favorite scents, or pick out your best earrings from your perfectly displayed jewelry collection.

There are no limits to what you can do around your dresser. You could even add a floor lamp for some added height interest and for that picture-perfect lighting.

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Curtain Call

curtains in the bedroom

It’s not just a case of finding a pair of curtains that coordinate with your bedding, or ones that’ll stop those rays peeking through on a Sunday morning. As well as being the right style, your curtains should be hung around 2” from the ceiling and wide enough for the window to be totally visible when pulled back. Lengthen the appearance of your walls with curtains that flow almost all the way down to the floor – but not so long that the ends will sweep the dust and get dirty quickly!

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The Closet

tidy wardrobe

We’ve all been there; the woes of not having anything to wear when your closet is brimming with clothes, struggling to even shut, The thought of even trying to look for your favorite dress or coziest jumper suddenly becomes a daunting task.

Put away your out-of-season clothing and save them for a rainy day (literally!). If you need somewhere to hide a lot of bulky clothes, you can add some extra storage space to a room by adding a gorgeous armoire. Alternatively, chests are stylish, elegant and multi-purpose.
If you don’t have much floor space you could consider under bed storage to easily hide away items that you’ve been hoarding.

If design is in the detail and you love those little touches, go for matching hangers in your armoire or closet. They are a super simple way of giving the illusion of tidiness, and using non-slip hangers means there’ll be no rogue clothes on the floor, keeping it as neat as possible.

See our top 5 tips for organizing your closet.

Work Those Walls

Adding mirrors to the bedroom

With your furniture in the perfect position and your curtains acting as a frame around your windows, it’s time to work on the walls. Use the focal point as a place to start; the bed. Consider hanging art above the bed that complements your color scheme or let a large mirror shine to give the room a final touch.

If the space on your walls are too small to make such a big statement, consider creating a photo collage wall. Utilizing multiple pictures can give you a bit more freedom to get creative and add some personal touches.

It’s the Little Things

bench at foot of bed

And last but not least, some finishing touches will really bring style and comfort to a new level in your bedroom. Place a rug on the ground for some soft texture beneath your feet, bring the outdoors in with some potted plants or floral decor, and if you’re really feeling fancy, an armchair will make putting on your hosiery that much more enjoyable.

Simply follow these seven steps for the perfectly styled bedroom. Show us how yours look by tagging us or using #oakfurnitureland on Instagram!

Image Credits: Rue Magazine: Interior Design by Lauren Nelson Design Photography by Aubrie Pick, Amber Interiors Photography by Tessa Neustadt, Oak Furniture Land, Oak Furniture Land, Kuzak’s Closet, Oak Furniture Land, Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino

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