Create A Home Office In 5 Simple Steps


With more and more of us working from home these days, our poor homes are taking the hit! We’re cramming desks into corners and squeezing studies into spare rooms, without really thinking about how we can best use the spaces available to us. A lot of us just end up […]

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Fall Inspiration: How To Use Copper In Your Home


When we think of Fall, we tend to think of apples, pumpkin patches, crisp fall leaves and cooler nights. It’s the perfect time to say goodbye to summer and hello to cozy autumnal touches around the home. Earthy colors and darker florals are a firm favourite, but this year why not incorporate one […]

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How To Care For Your New Oak Furniture

how to care for your oak furniture

So you’ve just purchased some brand new oak furniture- you clever thing! We might be biased at Oak Furniture Land, but we think oak is one of the finest materials you can include in your home. For us, the wonderful thing about oak furniture is how individual it is. No […]

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5 Quick & Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Home For Fall


Goodbye summer, and hello fall! Sure, we’re sad to wave goodbye to trips to the beach and to frozen margaritas, but we’re happy to be pulling blankets out of boxes and looking ahead to cosy evenings, crunchy fall leaves and hot cups of cocoa. The only thing we’re not looking forward to is […]

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6 Trendy Ways To Use Florals In Your Home


I don’t think I ever remember a time when at least some kind of floral wasn’t in vogue. Yes, certain styles and patterns have come and gone over the years and whilst we all remember our grandmother’s chintz sofa with a winsome smile or retract in embarrassment at the dresses we […]

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How to Update a Room in Less Than 10 Minutes


We all love a quick fix, right? Thus the proliferation of things like ‘cleaning hacks’ and ‘home hacks’ and ‘life hacks’. Simple, cheap and quick seems to be the motto these days and for good reason. We are all increasingly valuing whatever leisure time we have these days between work […]

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