What to Invest in This January

January will always be the ‘clean slate’ month – the one where we feel we can start fresh, look to the new year with hope and make new goals for the months to come. While I am not one to make resolutions per se, I do enjoy taking stock of the past year and making goals for the new one. This doesn’t just include my own internal goals (get to the gym more often, keep up with friends who have moved away), it also includes some goals for our home (finish our basement remodel, replace the chairs in the living room). If you are considering making some changes around your home this new year, what should you be prioritizing?

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start so I’m sharing my thoughts on what I feel you should probably be investing in this January to start your year right.

A new bed

orrick double bed

If your mattress is sinking in the middle and you find yourself rolling towards your partner as the night wears on or if you are having issues with your back, then a new one should certainly be a high priority this year. Sleeping is one of the most important things we do for our health and having the right bed and mattress to ensure we get a good nights’ rest should be a top priority. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so a high quality, well-made bed frame will support your mattress and make sleeping that much sweeter.

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A new sofa


A good quality sofa should also be high on the priority list. It can be a spot we catch up with our families, relax after a long day and cozy up on a cold winter’s day when we don’t want to leave the house. It can act as a makeshift bed for the kids’ sleepover or act as the hub of the home. If yours has seen better days, then perhaps an investment piece can make a world of difference to your everyday life.

A new office chair

KemblePRR036_175 (1)

We are a nation of start-ups and entrepreneurs and there are more and more of us who are working from home. If you have found yourself working at home but dread sitting in a chair that makes your butt go numb, it may be time for an upgrade. Consider an office chair that provides good lumbar support and can make you more productive and efficient for the rest of the year.

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A new dining table


Do you entertain a lot? Is an evening meal sat around the table important to you and your family? It may be worthwhile investing in a dining table that can put up with the needs of your family. Not just for meals but also for kids’ homework, sorting out paperwork, and sitting for a cup of coffee and cake when a friend comes over. Our dining tables need to be hard workers so consider for flexibility, one this year that extends to fit a large dinner party but doesn’t take up too much space on a day to day basis.

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Good lighting


This may seem an odd one to consider but lighting plays such an important role in a home and it’s often overlooked for more practical changes. Lighting will change the entire mood and ambience in a space so addressing your lighting requirements and how you use a space can make your home work for you. Do you enjoy reading? Why not incorporate a reading lamp next to a comfy chair to create a quiet reading corner? Do you do a lot of cooking? Make sure your kitchen lighting is up to task and consider incorporating under cupboard lighting to make meal prep a breeze. If you like to entertain, consider a dimmer switch in your dining room lighting so you can create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for conversation.

More storage


If one of your resolutions is to get more organized, you might want to consider the kind of furniture that does double-duty – one that looks great but is also super practical in your day to day life. Consider shelving for books, coffee tables with drawers and shelves and sideboards with loads of room for all the things that seem to accumulate in busy family life.

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What improvements and items will you be investing in this year and why? We’d love to hear from you.

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