How To Up Your Shelfie Game

It’s the year 2017, so by now you’ve probably got a pretty good selfie game. You know your angles, you know how to find good lighting, you know that the back camera always works better than the front. But what about your shelfie game?

Styling your shelves is very much on trend. No longer just a place to store books, how you choose to display items on your shelves is a great way to display your personality and jazz up your home decor. Read on to find out our best tips for Instagram-worthy shelves.

stylish shelves with natural items

The first thing to note is that shelves are no longer exclusively for books! Displaying your favorite personal objects alongside literature is all part of the fun. Now, the books you do choose are totally up to you – it’s very much a personal choice, and we’ve all got our own systems for shelving whether that’s color-coded, alphabetical, or by genre. It’s up to you!

When it comes to objects, however, try being a bit more methodical. Begin by choosing a few larger objects to include, which are then displayed evenly around the shelves (i.e. not right next to each other). Things such as baskets, bowls or sculptural objects are great for this.

styling shelves

Then you can start adding some books. Lay out some stacks horizontally (no more than 3-5 per stack, depending on the height of your shelf) and some vertically. Try mixing it up to create visual interest and give your display some depth.

large bookcase styling

Now’s the turn of medium sized objects – small artwork, bowls, photo frames or vases. Place these evenly dispersed around your existing objects, and use a few to sit upon those horizontal stacks of books.

decorative objects on shelves

Finally, collect your smaller items and use these to fill in gaps. These might be little tea light candles, small succulents, or just trinkets collected from your travelled. Layer up your objects so that the smallest are at the front, with the bigger pieces at the back.

shelf with decorative items

Remember the rule of thirds. Often, things look better in sets of 3, so try to keep that in mind as you organise your display.

scandi style book shelf

As you’re organizing, remember to stand back from your shelves every now and then to check the overall look and feel. Try walking in and out of the room to see how it’ll be perceived on first glance.

Don’t be afraid of negative space, either. Gaps are important for ensuring that the look isn’t too cluttered.

stylish book shelves

What do you think? We’d love to see how you style your shelves! But remember, it all starts with a great bookcase. Shop the range here.


Image Credits: Amber Interiors, Design Post Interiors, Mark Ashby Design, Domino, Emily Henderson, Ikea, Domaine

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