Decorating Trends Your Partner Secretly Hates

Trends can be divisive things. On one hand, they can refresh and update your home without having to completely change your style but on the other, they can quickly date your surroundings. Picking and choosing what trends to adopt and how can be challenging for those of us who love interiors. We don’t want to jump on every single trend that comes our way but finding what resonates with us and choosing to use it in small ways creates an evolving look that doesn’t date too quickly.

However, you might be surprised to find out that your partner isn’t a fan of the latest trend you’ve embraced. Time and again, it’s the trendiest pieces that are often the most controversial. Here are just a few trends that your partner may secretly hate and if they do, we’re sharing our top tips to keep you both happy!

Gold Everything

Brass and gold finishes have come back into style and you may be going crazy swapping out all your fixtures and fittings for the metal of the moment. If your partner feels like they’ve walked into Liberace’s living room everytime he goes to watch the game, however, you may find you’ve gone a bit overboard.

Ellie Larson kitchen
A Beautiful Mess

How to make it work: Consider the fact that every finish has an expiration date and while you may love gold for now, that doesn’t mean in 10 years’ time, it’ll still be in fashion. Instead, consider incorporating it in smaller ways and mixing and matching it with other metals in your spaces. For instance, consider swapping your kitchen cabinet knobs with simple brushed brass but keep your appliances in cool stainless steel for the perfect balance.

Blush Pink

It was the darling of Instagram for the whole of last year and its popularity hasn’t waned yet. Alas, your partner just can’t get on board with doing up your entire bedroom in this most feminine of shades and is starting to insist on a pink ban on the whole house.

Sarah Baynes living room with pink cushions
Sarah Baynes

How to make it work: Instead of painting the walls in Farrow & Ball’s Middleton Pink, consider instead incorporating your love of blush in other ways. A few cushions in pink will ease your partner into the trend without overpowering the room or consider a few simple accessories or artwork that bring the color into the room in smaller ways. Consider as well adding some darker shades to the scheme – black will ground pink and give it an edge whilst incorporating other colors like mustard yellow or cool aquas will tone down its femininity.

Dark Walls

You may love the look of a dark and moody room but your partner is complaining that they can’t see a thing without switching on all the lights in the room.

Black feature wall in the bedroom
Erin Barrett via The Glitter Guide / Photo by Rachel Ashcraft

How to make it work: Darker paint colors can be overwhelming at first, absorbing a lot of light in your room. Instead of painting out the entire space in a deep hue, consider choosing a single wall to act as a feature, allowing you to indulge your love of dark spaces while keeping the rest of the space light and airy for the perfect monochrome contrast.


The farmhouse look may be all the rage but if you find yourself adding shiplap to every room of your 1980s house, your partner may raise a few eyebrows, asking if you would prefer to live in a barn.

Shiplap bathroom
Beneath My Heart

How to make it work: Not every home will work well in a farmhouse style so if you really love it, try to keep the look to smaller, lesser used rooms in the house. Add shiplap to a bathroom to enjoy the trend but perhaps keep it out of the living room if the age of your property doesn’t actually suit the style.

Word Art Wall Decals

You’ve got a cutesy saying on every wall of the house but if your partner is rolling his eyes at yet another ‘Always Kiss Me Goodnight’ sign above the bed, it may be time to look at other ways to express your personality.

Brass and glass shelving unit
Swoon Worthy

How to make it work: If you are particularly enamoured with a platitude, consider putting it in a small frame instead of in the form of a wall decal. This way, when you tire of it, you can easily swap it out without worrying about pulling the paint off the walls at the same time.


So those are just a few ways to enjoy the latest trends that your partner secretly hates! What trends have you adopted that your partner refuses to get on board with? Let us know in the comments or share with us by tagging @Oak_Furniture_Land_us on Instagram or tweeting us @USAOakFurniture!


Image Credits: Sarah Baynes, A Beautiful Mess, The Glitter Guide, Beneath my Heart, Swoon Worthy

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