6 Simple Ways To Add Instant Value To Your Home

Selling your existing home and moving on to pastures new is an exciting time, and it’s easy to get so caught up in where you’re going that you forget to think about where you’re at. But as anyone who’s sold their home previously will tell you, it’s so important to make sure you’ve thought about how your home will sell before you actually get round to selling it. It’s not a smart idea to just put your property on the market, cross your fingers and hope for the best – you might be missing out on some serious $$$!

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank and do a  complete renovation in order to increase your home’s value. There are a few (relatively) easy changes you can make that might just make all the difference in how much your home eventually sells for. So, time to roll up those sleeves, and get started!


Step 1: Fix Structural Issues.

Okay, before you get too worried – don’t panic! We don’t necessarily mean pulling down walls and building an extension – these are just the little structural issues that you might be tempted to overlook, but which can actually make a huge difference to how your home is perceived.

Through living in your house you might’ve gotten used to little things like missing roof tiles or the odd crack in your floor slabs, but these things can bring a general air of neglect to someone perceiving your home for the first time. So, before the realtor makes their visit, try to look at your house with fresh eyes, and fix these common problems:

  • Rising damp.
  • Cracks in walls.
  • Missing roof tiles.
  • Damage to floors.
  • Leaking roof.
  • Rotten joists/roof timbers.

Kemble Rustic Solid Oak and Painted Large Sideboard

Step 2: Glam Up Your Entryway.

What’s the first thing people see when they enter your home? If it’s the kitchen you can feel free to skip this step and move on to number 3, but if people are greeted by a porch or hallway when they first enter your home – invest in it. You know what they say about first impressions!

Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big difference – it’s just about paying attention. Make sure the space is spotlessly clean and everything’s neat and tidy, and perhaps give it a lick of paint if you have time. You might want to rearrange the layout to increase space if you can, or invest in some new furniture. Picking up a high quality sideboard, for instance, will lend your home an immediate air of quality as soon as someone steps through the door. Plus, it’s a lovely thing to be able to take to your new home.

Original Rustic Range dining room from Oak Furniture Land

Step 3: Invest In Your Kitchen.

If you’re about to up and move, one of the last things you’ll want to do is fit a brand new kitchen – but it’s one of the most beneficial things you can possibly do to increase the value of your house. It makes a massive difference to how people perceive the entirety of your home, and will definitely help it to sell for more.

But if you aren’t able to fit a brand new kitchen, or if yours is fine as it is, just make sure it’s in tip-top condition when being visited. Could you update your bar stools with newer, shinier versions? Replace wooden cupboard doors with glass ones to display your kitchenware? Head to Pinterest and look around there for all the kitchen inspiration you’ll need.


Step 4: Add More Storage.

Storage is one of the things we all look for when deciding where to live, so ensure you’ve made the most of all the available storage options in your house. Clean out over cluttered cupboards so that they look more storage-friendly when people visit, or see if you could affix shelves to a blank wall in your home.

It can even help to make sure your existing storage options are as good as can be, even if they won’t be being bought with the property. For example, replacing your current closet with a larger, higher quality wooden version will lend your home an air of spaciousness, and allow people to imagine their own storage solutions where yours are.


Step 5: Get Into The Garden.

Much like cracks in the wall or missing roof tiles, an overgrown and untidy garden can make your whole property looked neglected. Don’t worry about getting too green-fingered: again, it’s just about ensuring that your existing space is as tidy as can be. If you have grass in your garden make sure it’s neatly trimmed, or if your space is purely concrete try placing some pots of blooming flowers around to cheer the space up.

Plants can also do wonders inside the house as well, adding life and visual interest to a space.


Step 6: The Finishing Touch.

Lastly, take a look at the exterior of your property. Could the house benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Do the windows need a clean? How does it look in comparison with the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood? These are the kinds of questions potential buyers will be asking themselves, so make sure that you think of them too.

After that, you’re free to put your feet up and let the offers roll in!


Do you have any tips for putting your property on the market? We’d love to hear them! Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll share our favorite tips.

Image Credits: Oak Furnitureland

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