6 Decorating Rules You Need to Break Now!

A lot of inspiration can be taken from the kinds of interior decorating rules that we read about in magazines and online. We all need a creativity boost sometimes, and if you’re seeking guidance from the best at least you know your home will always be in vogue, right?

Plus, if you aren’t an interior designer by profession or feel that you don’t have a natural ‘knack’ with decorating, straying from the well-accepted rules can feel a bit sacrilegious. After all, they’re made by the experts. Why would you do anything differently?!

But here’s the thing: rules are made to be broken. Follow them too much, and you could end up with a room that looks more like a showhome than a space that truly shows off your own personal style. Besides, times and fashions change, and some of the rules that you see regularly popping up in interior design circles are actually a bit, well… outdated.

Want to create a space that is as distinctive and unique as you? Well, in that case, it’s time to start breaking some rules!

Don’t use black and blue

dark walls with pink artwork 2

Ever been told that you shouldn’t mix blue and black together? Us too. This is one of those rules that can be really limiting, as there are so many gorgeous things you can do with this color combination. Take the above image – any potential for darkness has been gracefully offset by introducing white and pink tones as contrast to create a classic look with a modern twist.

Matchy matchy

eclectic mix of furniture

While a gorgeous matching set of furniture looks great in the magazines, it’s not always possible to make that happen in real life. But by blending a few complementary pieces instead, you can create a more ‘curated’ and natural feeling in your space. Don’t be afraid to blend similar shapes and shades of furniture in a room, it can really help your personality shine!

Tackling the fifth wall with white

painted ceiling in bedroom

When is the last time you went into a room where the ceiling wasn’t painted white? It’s become such an unwritten rule that you may not even remember. Painting your ceiling a different color can really add drama to a room without needing to have a big budget. It’s time to swim against the tide!

Dark walls don’t work

dark bedroom paint colour

This is often one of the first things we learn when it comes to interior decorating – under no circumstances do you paint a small room in a dark color! The room will instantly be transformed into a dingy, drab cave, right?

Not necessarily.

Large, spacious, airy rooms in every part of your home are the dream for most, but it’s not always attainable. Embrace your room’s snug dimensions! Dark doesn’t always mean gloomy – with choice accessories you can transform a small space into the ultimate cozy den.

Wallpaper in a small room is a big no-no

17 Patterns_Jellyfish_Wallpaper_Black_2

Patterns are here to stay – it’s time to embrace them, whatever the size of room! A small room doesn’t rule out busy wallpaper. It’s a fabulous way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Not sure you’re ready to go all out on patterned wallpaper for every wall? You can always start off with an accent wall before you take the plunge, but adding decorative wallpaper to a more functional room (e.g. laundry room) really lifts an unloved space.

Stick to the scale

oversized anglepoise lamp

Naturally your furniture needs to actually fit in the room – but with your accessories you can really go all out! Experimenting with scale is a fantastically effective way to lift any room, taking it from ordinary to the extraordinary. Be it an oversized lamp, piece of art or statement mirror, you’ll definitely have a space worth talking about!

Have you thrown caution to the wind with your interiors lately? We’d love to see how you have broken the rules. Send us all your photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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