5 Things Every Stylish Family Home Needs

Once you have children, the thought of a stylish home suddenly feels impossible! Remember when everything would stay neat, tidy and organized for days on end? Ah, the good old days!

But you needn’t worry – a stylish family home is possible; a space that works for all of you whilst still looking as contemporary and cool as you’d like. You may not be able to make quite the same home design choices as your past, but it really is possible to have a gorgeous home and children. Just trust us!

All you need to do is be prepared to compromise, thinking creatively along the way. Read on for our tips.

#1 Wipeable Washable Materials

Dining room

It’s not the sexiest design tip in the word, but this will save your home from grubby little fingers and ensure it stays looking fabulous for a while. Luckily, these kind of materials are on trend, too! Rather than fabric dining chairs opt for some plastic or resin styles, and make sure you’ve got washable sofa covers too (or leather?). Paint should be tough and washable, but is always a better idea than wallpaper. Try to avoid glass and perspex too, unless you want to be wiping off fingerprints for the rest of your life!

#2 Stylish Floors

Designer Floors

Say goodbye to carpets. Not only are they difficult to keep clean, but they’ll also become tired looking after a few years of little people in your home. As an alternative, opt for wooden or laminate flooring – funky, cool and totally on trend. There are many great designs out there, and wooden flooring is a timeless classic that just won’t date. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean and will help with keeping any bugs or dust mites at bay. If you do want to soften things up, go wild on the rugs!

#3 Storage

Form Twinslot Storage System

Organization is key for a family home, and – if you can get it right – will make decoration a whole lot easier. Kids come with an awful lot of ‘essentials’ (i.e. stuff!) and you’ll need somewhere to put it. Endless storage is the answer! From toys and clothes to shoes and school bits, find a storage solution for everything. At Oak Furniture Land, we love our faithful blanket chests as a solve-all storage solution.

#4 Buy the Best you Can Afford

Wycombe Coffee Table

Children are of course absolutely wonderful, but they sure do take a strain on your finances. You might think it makes sense to buy cheap versions of things when your children are little, in case they damage things, but sometimes better quality pays off – it lasts longer, after all, and is much more difficult to damage. Make investments in long-lasting items of furniture which will really pay off in the long term.

#5 Add Personality

Norsu Interiors Collection - Pastel Living room (May 15) (1)

To make your family home as stylish and distinctive as you’d like, you have to put YOU in it! Showcase the very best of yourself through your home decor choices. Decorate the walls with lots of family pictures, and involve the children when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. Create a space where you can all come together and share precious quality time – either around the dining table in the evenings or in the living rooms watching a movie. Let your family’s unique, wonderful character come through in your home decor.

How do you choose to create a stylish family home? Send us on your tips on Twitter @USAOakFurniture!


Image Credits: Norsu, Lifestyle Floors, B&Q, Harley and Lola

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